There are a number of ways in which sponsoring Gary could be good for your business. Because of his glittering amateur career and now of course his very impressive start to the paid ranks Gary is one of the most well known golfers in the UK. Because of this he has great market value and is already an ambassador for many companies including golf manufacturers, supermarket chains, Financial Institutions, golf resorts and amateur golf tournaments. As 75% of amateur golfers are over the age of 50 it makes a great deal of sense for companies to use Gary as a marketing tool as golfers in this age group are more likely to watch senior tour golf rather than the main tour as they can relate to the golf being played more. Players on the senior tour are not hitting the ball 300+ yards like on the main tour they hit drives in excess of 240 yards which is much easier to relate to as an amateur golfer.

Gary is able to promote companies and individual products by having logo's placed on his clothing, headwear, golf bag, car and website. Also by attending product launches and by attending company golf days where Gary will give golf instruction in the form of a golf clinic followed by a playing lesson where he would spend some time with each group on the course. Depending on the level of sponsorship you or your company are interested in you may like to take clients along to watch European Senior tour events live. Complimentary passes would be made available for you and your clients and you would get the opportunity to meet Gary and discuss the days play.

Gary is also a very accomplished after dinner speaker. A number of companies and golf clubs have called on his services either to host an entire event or simply to talk for 45mins about his various golfing experiences which include beating Tiger Woods in the Walker Cup and playing in the US Masters with the legendary Arnold Palmer. Gary is very intelligent and articulate which sets him apart from a lot of other golfing speakers and of course he has had a glittering career which means he has a great deal of interesting material that people love to hear.

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To contact Gary, or for more information on his activities and availability, please contact the Champions (UK) plc team by calling 08453 31 30 31 in the UK or +44 1509 852 927 from an international location.

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Consumer markets are significantly impacted by celebrity endorsement for products. Champions (UK) plc works alongside each client to develop a unique creative concept that establishes a bond between Gary Wolstenholme and the product, which will in turn lead to unparalleled promotional success in the future.

Gary has worked alongside numerous corporate organisations to help create the perfect partnership for success. Click on a logo for more specific information on Gary's current sponsors.

To contact Gary, or for more information on his activities and availability, please contact the Champions (UK) plc team by calling 08453 31 30 31 in the UK or +44 1509 852 927 from an international location.

Alternatively, get in touch online by following the link below.

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Footlabs & Gary Wolstenholme

Highly respected Orthotics company Footlabs have signed 2011 European Senior Tour Rookie of the Year Gary Wolstenholme MBE in a major sponsorship deal.

The team behind Footlabs launched a range of in-soles last year engineered specifically for golfers. In his debut season on the European Senior Tour, Gary was one of the first tour professionals to feel the benefit of the increased balance and stability that Footlabs' 'Footbeds' provide.

'I was worried about whether my back would withstand the rigours of professional golf on the European Senior Tour. I've experienced aches and pains in the past and they can really restrict performance. I'm convinced that Footlabs' 'Footbeds' have helped me to improve my balance and posture, leading to a stronger and more stable back, and, ultimately, a better golf swing.' - Gary Wolstenholme MBE

The Footlabs range of specialist Orthotic in-soles includes a number of products that can help ensure proper balance and alignment with the feet and ankles, allowing the natural power and control of the golf-swing above to be completed smoothly. Specially designed for golf, their custom-fit Orthotic foot-beds are the ultimate in comfort, using state of the art software to perfectly fit every contour of the golfer's feet. For less intensive users, the Footlabs range also includes prefabricated foot-beds that make use of top-of-the-range technology to cater to the most common foot shapes.

'I knew I could trust Footlabs to ensure my body stayed fit and healthy on tour. Footlabs supply 15 NHS Trusts and many private health care providers around the U.K. What better endorsement could you ask for than the seal of approval of health professionals?'-Gary Wolstenholme MBE

When Gary became a member of the European Senior Tour in 2010, he knew he'd have to be in peak condition to withstand the rigours of life on tour. To perform to the best of his ability, he'd need to be secure in the knowledge that his body wouldn't let him down. Most important of all, as the base of the swing, Gary knew the importance of looking after his feet.

That's why Gary first turned to Footlabs. Golf is a sport that places a great deal of abnormal force and stress on the back, the lower extremities and the feet and ankles. The golf swing forces the entire body to rotate as if it were one unit, rather than what it is: many individual joints, muscles and bones working together as one. When the feet and ankles aren't properly aligned, the swing will not function properly, resulting in fatigue and pain.

Gary believes that Footlabs' ultimate high-tech and professional service has built a solid foundation for him to take his game to the next level. And Gary's results on tour speak for themselves, as he stormed to the forefront of the senior game in his first season, winning his second event and finishing the season 4th in the Order of Merit. He's delighted to be able to work with Footlabs as an ambassador to help share the benefits of the product with golfers at all stages and abilities:

'I honestly believe that any sportsperson regardless of their ability would benefit from the impact that Footlabs can have on their physical well-being, which could help to improve their game significantly. ' - Gary Wolstenholme MBE

Before turning professional in 2008, Gary made his name as one of the best amateur golfers the sport has ever known, playing in five Walker Cup matches and winning The Amateur Championship twice. As such, Gary knows more than most that Footlabs Sport can benefit amateur golfers as much as professionals. Clinical trials with club golfers have yielded impressive feedback: Golfers reported experiencing less fatigue, less pain, more control and greater distance.

Gary Wolstenholme Joins With Castle Green Gym

We are delighted to announce that Gary Wolstenholme will be joining the Castle Green gym after an agreement was reached this week following their very generous offer of a year's membership. The gym is part of the Castle Green Hotel in Kendal and is managed by Pulse Health and Fitness. This will be a fantastic opportunity for Gary to maintain his fitness so that he can continue his brilliant performance on the European Senior Tour.

Pulse Health and Fitness gym Pulse Health and Fitness gym Pulse Health and Fitness gym

The gym boasts two Technogym equipped gymnasiums and a 12m by 7m swimming pool with a steam room. There is also the chance to join in with many of their classes, designed to suit all ages and abilities. With highly qualified staff available to offer full medical assessments and personalised programs, every member of the gym is able to achieve their health and fitness goals.

Gary is thrilled to begin his membership with the gym and knows that he will enjoy using all of the gym's brilliant facilities to their full potential. For Gary, the Castle Green Hotel and Gym is just a stone's throw away from his home in the beautiful Lake District and he is very happy to be able to utilise this brilliant local facility, "The news is excellent and I can't wait to use the facilities the gym has to offer. Health and well-being are extremely important to any sportsman and to me and my fellow seniors especially. Playing golf around the world and the travel associated with that takes its toll on the body, this is something Amanda Kelso (Gym Manager) understands perfectly and I look forward to working with her and the rest of her team."

For more information about the hotel and gym, please visit: www.castlegreen.co.uk